With the new gearing system that was brought in 12.0, gearing has become really easy.
So easy, that a material that's been with us since I can remember has rendered itself useless, Amalgam.
The only and one purpose amalgam now has is to create insignia's to upgrade gear. And that's only an alternate for loners and solo players opposed to the compass heroic dungeons groups can do.
Amalgam however is still present in a lot of content as reward and I find myself more tossing it out of my bag than using it. That explains enough as a daily active group player..

Amalgam has become obsolete and is more being thrown away than used. Not only by myself but I asked a lot of other players what they do with amalgam, and they also throw it out.

Detailed offer design
I would not change the gearing system, it's very good as it is.
I would replace our beloved amalgam from Battlegrounds, Anomalous Sector, June catacombs, etc. with something else. Anomalous could give more emanations or particles instead and remove amalgam all together.
June Catacombs could give more June Coins for vanity and remove the amalgam too.
Battlegrounds could keep amalgam so it's still there for solo players. Considering Al Rihat is usually a solo content, perhaps put it in there from the Rihat chests.
Try funneling resources used for solo player progressing, into solo player content.

Comments and observations
I asked lots of players around and many people found themselves throwing away amalgam. Something needs to be done.
At this point, it feels like the time I put into content is only rewarded for half since I throw out all the amalgams.
Would you go to work for half salary because they pay your other half in nuts and fruit rather than money?

All of this applies to Matter of Dust aswell that we gain from astrals when not spending keys.

Have an active dialogue with other players
Listen to comments and criticisms.
Submit the idea in a way that appeals to both players and developers.

Thank you!