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  1. К первому новому сообщению World bosses

    The wold boss system is utter shit :( EU p2p has to deal with 25 people afking behind them while only 5/6 players are doing the actual work. It's not a fair system to reward players whom afk or come in, tag, and disappear! Change it so that you have to do a certain amount of % before getting loot. Change it so that people lose creditability for loot when they leave the boss area. Change it so that afking players get a debuff overtime like in BG that will send them to purgatory and they lose creditability to gain loot and they have to do the % dmg on boss again. That will fix a lot, players will be more active, because this current system just allows players to be utter trash of the community and there's nothing and no one punishing them for it. Please change this! I gave suggestions, you do the work! We pay for this every month!

    Автор l3p3lmaN в разделе Обсуждение игры
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    от emptin3ss
  2. К первому новому сообщению p2p prophetic cards

    3/quest per day per reinc - up to 5 reincs on p2p + progenitor = 6 chars * 3 = 18 compasses/day at most, let's be nice and include a guaranteed BG **victory** on p2p. that's 36 compasses/day, event lasts 21 days so 21* 36 = 756 compasses you can farm at most in p2p. Cannot even get enough for the first reward for just playing the fuck out of the game. We're forced to spend money on p2p on top of our subscription to get event content. Goodjob you all played yourself and don't you come to me with "rng gives skins too". Is this the same on ru p2p too? Is this just happening and no one cares about it?

    Автор l3p3lmaN в разделе Обсуждение игры
    Последнее сообщение 13.04.2019 01:43 К последнему сообщению
    от imperies
  3. К первому новому сообщению Is Scarlet Bastion still in your game?

    Hello. I wanted to know if Scarlet Bastion is still in your ingame descriptions from the order buff too? Since it's been removed for a very long time now, and it's still in there. I suppose no one bothered reporting it so far, or russian version still has scarlet bastion or the devs are extreeeeeeeemely slow? [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/eKRDrSZ.png[/IMG] Thanks in advance!

    Последнее сообщение 26.02.2019 23:37 К последнему сообщению
    от oaf00
  4. К первому новому сообщению Difference between RU and EU webshops

    Hello, We at EU have had the webshop open for quite a while now. Unfortunately it's been unchanged and uninteresting for far too long now. [URL="https://allods.mail.ru/sale.php#!/pets"]This [/URL]is the russian shop. [URL="https://allods.my.com/en/shop#!/collectors"]This [/URL]is the webshop for EU. Looks kinda pathetic for us, don't you think? What is the reason for this difference? Why is EU getting so much less and why does everything take so long for things to come out for us? We feel abandoned :( We feel like the black sheep in the allods family :(

    Последнее сообщение 23.02.2019 09:26 К последнему сообщению
    от FarmLE
  5. К первому новому сообщению Research ship

    Hello, I wanted to ask how you guys do research ships in RU? For us in EU, it's bugged/outdated for a full season now. AS is lv24 now (maxed, 9.1 patch) while the ship itself is a full lv21 device ship. This results in the ship dying very quickly and easily and that way events are wasted :( Does RU have the same problem in 9.1? I assume it's sort of fixed in 10.0 now since everything starts at the lowest level again (25)? Was it outdated for you guys too for the full season? Hope to hear of you all! Dragagon.

    Автор l3p3lmaN в разделе Астрал
    Последнее сообщение 23.02.2019 09:12 К последнему сообщению
    от l3p3lmaN
  6. К первому новому сообщению Trying to make addons

    Hello, apologies for writing in english. The EU community and moderators seem unwilling to help me out on this request, some people told me to try the RU forum, so here I am. I want to learn how to make addons. Unfortunately the guide that is supplied with the game files is still in russian, eventho the game is fully translated to english. Is it possible to gain a translated version for the EU community so that some motivated players, including me, can make new addons and submit more to alloder.pro? Location of the files I talk about are located here: C:\MyGames\Allods Online EN\data\Mods\Docs My first goal would be an addon that displays on screen when ranked combats like 3x3 and 6x6 go active, so we can snipe boosting players on reincs. Thanks in advance, Dragagon.

    Последнее сообщение 21.02.2019 00:49 К последнему сообщению
    от l3p3lmaN
  7. К первому новому сообщению English guilds

    Hello I am an EU player of Allods Online and I am looking for english players/guilds on the russian client. Why? The Eu client is not listening to their players and simply follow whatever RU does. Why bother with EU? So if any English players or guilds around, so that I can start on the right server etc. Glad to know :)

    Автор l3p3lmaN в разделе Гильдии и Доминион
    Последнее сообщение 26.04.2018 23:19 К последнему сообщению
    от Yaaro
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